How to organize your projects

Thanks for using Lupa WBS!
This is a powerful and easy to use plugin for Trello that will enhance your project management experience and improve your user stories organization. Just follow the next steps to learn every feature that the tool can offer:

How to organize your projects

Step 1 - Adding cards

Learn how to create your first WBS list by adding existing cards from your Trello Board to Lupa WBS tool.
You will also know how to add brand new cards to your Trello Boards from the Lupa WBS Tool. Click on the next Image to watch a Video tutorial.

Step 1 - Adding cards'

Step 2 - Moving Cards

This step will show you how to use our main feature. Drag and drop your cards to group them and create a hierarchical list for your trello cards.

Step 2 - Moving Cards'

Step 3 - Using the WBS Chart

Learn how to use the WBS Chart in order to add, move and navigate through the cards.

Step 3 - Using the WBS Chart'

Step 4 - Removing Cards

This tutorial will help you learn how to remove a card from your WBS. It will also explain on how to reset your whole WBS.

Step 4 - Removing Cards'

Step 5 - Ordering / Settings

Finally, learn how to sort your Trello cards with just the click of a button.

Step 5 - Ordering / Settings'